Great Moments Are Born From Great Opportunities

Today the Bucs have a chance to have a great moment against the undefeated Denver Broncos. The Bucs have an opportunity to make a statement to the NFL that this team is no pushover. Last two weeks have been tough as the Bucs have found ways to beat themselves and is why they are 1-2. The Bucs offense has been terrific at times but needs to find consistency today against a star filled defense in the Denver Broncos. No better opportunity for the Bucs defense than today and have their best game of the season. Keep it simple, don’t overthink and just go out and play your best football.

Bottom line is the Bucs need this game as it can’t afford another 1-3 start to the season. It’s at home and the Bucs have to start winning at home or they will just continue to have losing seasons. I expect to see a fired up group today showing resiliency and desire to win today against a great opponent. Bucs have a great opportunity in front of them. but will we see a great moment born today because of it.

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