Bucs Give Another Game Away

The Bucs have begun another season behind the eight ball as they are now 1-3, losing the last three in which two of them they could have won. Inconsistent quarterback play by Jameis Winston has been the big issue the last few weeks as turnovers, inaccurate throws, and forced decisions have hurt the offense from producing. This has been putting the defense in bad positions which is putting the Bucs behind to start games and it’s hard to win in this league playing that way.

51 points have been allowed due to the Bucs offensive turnovers which is the main reason we are 1-3 instead of 2-2 or 3-1. Yesterday was probably one of the better performances by the defense as they did get 4 sacks and were keeping the Broncos offense in check for most of the game. Yes the redzone defense could be better and hold the Broncos to three instead of six but it didn’t happen. Point is this team needs to play better team ball and trust each unit to do their job. If this team wants to win it has to protect the football on offense and know that it is okay to punt the football. Once Jameis Winston starts playing better this team will go on a winning streak but right now it has just been too inconsistent. Bucs are on Monday night football next week against the Panthers who are also 1-3, if the Bucs can win that one and be 2-3 going into the bye maybe the season still has hope.

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