Leaders Have to Step Up

These last three weeks have been tough for the Bucs as they are in a three game losing streak and have a 1-3 record. Many reasons have led to this stretch of bad play as turnovers, inconsistency, breakdowns on both sides, and much more. Ineffective running game and a lack of pass rush have been two of the main issues along with the turnovers which have put this team in the position they are in right now. Kwon Alexander spoke to the media after the game talking about how leaders of this team need to do more via buccaneers.com.

“I’m feeling hurt. We’ve got to do better, we’ve got to pick it up. I know you all get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, but we’ve got to do better. We’ve just got to go in – you’ve got to do extra, we’re not doing enough, we’ve got to do extra. The leaders have to step up.”

He was then asked how he and the leaders of this team can do more via buccaneers.com

“We’ve got find something, we’ve got find a spark. [Whether it’s] the preparation, staying after instead of going home, staying there with the teammates, bonding, or being with each other, something. We need to find that one little piece and when we find that, we can be where we want to be.” 

Alexander is right on in how it’s up to the leaders of this team need to be showing the way and always be willing to do more than what is asked. Kwon hates to lose and I have a feeling they are going to find that extra spark because of him and his attitude. Gerald McCoy, Jameis Winston, Vincent Jackson, Joe Hawley, Lavonte David, and Kwon Alexander all need to find that extra inside of them and be the best players for this team or the losing will continue.

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