Run Game Needs to Help Jameis

The Bucs running game has struggled so far to say the least as they have missed Doug Martin’s impact but their execution as an unit has been subpar. If the offense wants to get going and more importantly help Jameis play better, the ground game needs to be a focal point and must be an effective weapon for the team. Offensive coordinator Todd Monken spoke with the media today and shared his thoughts on the running game and how they can help Jameis more via

“We’ve hit it earlier, we’ve got to be able to run the ball better. We’ve got to be more precise in the way we run routes and come open quicker and I’m sure there’s some of those things he can be better at. So collectively, we’ve got to do a better job of that. Like you said, nothing’s good when you get your quarterback hit that often, but we’re ready to move on, we’re ready for the Panthers on Monday night and we’re expecting their best and they’re certainly going to get ours.”

Monken went on to say that Bucs need to do a better job of playing to their running backs strengths more and making it easier on them as well via

“I think that, again our sample size is really small, in terms of this year. I know over time – Charles is a very versatile player, he really is and a good football player. And we try to do a number of things with him and we expect him to continue to improve. We’ve got to do some things that schematically favors the things he can do and we’ve got to do some things probably better that take advantage of ‘Quizz’s’ talent.” 

Being more efficient in the ground game is going to help Jameis be more comfortable but also give him more opportunities to make plays down the field. This offense has to stay committed to the run game though and try to maintain balance throughout the game. Bucs should be averaging 30 rushing attempts a game regardless of how effective it is because it will keep the defense on their toes. Plus running the ball wears an opposing defense down which helps slow down the pass rush of the other team. Monday night, the Bucs need to run the ball with purpose and stay committed to it for the whole game.

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