A-F Grades For The Bucs Against The Panthers

     Everyone likes lists. Here is a quick rundown of grades for the Buccaneers against the Carolina panthers.
A     Jacquizz Rodgers touched the ball 35 times during Monday’s game. Though his yards per rush average was pedestrian, 3.4, Rodgers continually moved the chains and set the tone for the game. The Bucs fed him the ball on the first 6 plays. While picking up 2 first downs was big, it put the defense on it’s heals that lasted throughout the contest. 
B-     Buccaneers Corner Backs did have a hand in letting Panthers tight end Greg Olsen run free to the tune of 9 catches for 181 yards. A lot of those plays were against the Bucs linebackers. Account for the 2 interceptions caused or made by the duo,and add in a pass breakup that was an eyelash away from a pick 6. This and not giving up a passing touchdown earns the pro bowler and the rookie a high mark.
C+  The Bucs Defensive Line didn’t have 1 sack or 1 tackle for loss and brought little to no pressure to Derek Anderson’s doorstep. So why an average grade you may ask. The Buccaneers  DLine was missing 3 out of 4 starters and had 2 players, Gholston & Lambert, in for more than 95% of defensive snaps. An unheard of stat in today’s NFL. While the unit as a whole wasn’t necessarily an asset it sure wasn’t a huge liability as it could of been.
D-    Roberto Aguayo missed half his kicks and may have been one miss from losing his job. Never the less he made the game winner and aloud the Bucs to put a smile on their collective faces going into the bye week.
F     Demar Dotson was hailed as the best offensive lineman in Bucs camp. He got a big new contract, some job security, everything was coming up roses for number 69. Then the season started and his film so far is more of  how not to than that of a cornerstone lineman. Leading the team in penalties (fact), whiffed blocks (maybe) and tripping over ones feet (possibly but definitely happened). Once Aguayo made that game winning kick, Dotson has taken over as the biggest disappointment.      

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