Good Time For a Bye Week

Waking up the next day after a Bucs victory just feels so much better and knowing that this team is 2-0 in the division is even better. Yes the Bucs are still a game behind 500 as they are 2-3 but look at the riduclous amount of injuries including two of our best players in Gerald McCoy and Doug Martin. However, it’s a next man up league as injuries are part of the game which is another reason why last night’s win feels so good as this team is beat up right now. Thankfully this team has a bye this week and it is perfect timing as the team needs to get healthy and regroup for the games ahead.

Getting key players in McCoy, Mcdonald, Ayers, Martin, Stocker, and more back onto the field will be an huge boost on both sides of the ball. The best news is the Bucs have some winnable games coming up against Niners, Raiders, Falcons, and Bears in which three of those are at home. If this team can get healthy over the next two weeks and fix some minor issues they are more than capable of making little run over this next stretch of games. Still much work to be done, but things are looking positive for this team as they go into the bye week.

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