Bucs Wins Have Common Recipe

The Bucs have two wins on the season and there is two common things in both wins. Those two things being the offense protecting the ball and the defense making timely stops. In other words, the Bucs playing team ball and not putting their defense in bad situations has helped them win against the Falcons and Panthers. Winning the turnover battle is critical in today’s NFL as it usually decides who wins the game. When the offense is committed to protecting the football like they were in their two wins they are hard to beat due to the talent on this team.

Quarterback Jameis Winston just needs to play smart in the second half of this season and stay committed to the run game, creating balance on offense. Avoid the careless turnovers and this offense has shown it can be dangerous, just need to build that consistency. Then on defense, the unit has been coming up with critical stops at the end of games. For instance, getting an 4 and out against the Falcons to seal that win, or Brent Grimes making an game changing interception in the 4th quarter of the Panthers game. If this team wants to continue to win, these two things need to keep occurring especially taking care of the football. There are still a lot to clean up with this team but if they can focus on just keeping it simple on both sides of the ball, this team can easily get on an winning streak.

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