Hot Takes! Ali, Vincent And More…

by Douglas O’Connor
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     Back before I came aboard here at Real Bucs Talk, I came across a tweet that was asking for Buc fans Hot Takes. If you are not familiar with the term, it’s a controversial or even outlandish view on a topic based on no facts what so ever. Hot takes are more of a gut feeling or something that you want to get of your chest and put out into social media for all to see.
     I had 3 such takes right after the Bucs game 1 win against the Falcons. I’m going to take a look back to see if I hit a home run or struck out with the bases loaded.
Ali Marpet will make the Pro Bowl:  Marpet’s small town boy to big city success story isn’t news for Buc fans, but his high level of play might be. Coming out of Hobart he was mostly seen as a run blocker, but he was a day one starter and his pass blocking has blossomed. It’s hard to break into the Pro Bowl as a lineman. Mostly due to the fact that their stats aren’t easily tracked. Recently enormously popular Joe Bucs Fan as taken up the torch and started a campaign to get Ali to Orlando (Pro Bowl gamed has moved from Hawaii to O-Town). With Joe’s push this Hot Take might come to fruition.
How’d I Do? It’s an easy double into the gap, heading to 2nd thinking about trying for 3rd.
Buc fans will want to replace left tackle Donovan Smith at seasons end: Obviously I don’t want this to happen but it’s getting dicey. Smith is continually being criticized by national “experts”. Most think that his best position in the NFL would be guard. A report just came out yesterday, at time of this post, how Donovan is leading the NFL in quarterback pressures. As these opinions are heard more and more, fans will begin to listen and start to pile on.
How’d I Do? It’s hit high enough and the right fielder is on the warning track. (Please catch it, please catch it).
Vincent Jackson will lose his starting job? Another one that I hope never materializes. I can’t put my finger on it but something is just off between Jameis Winston and Jackson and I think most Buc fans feel it too. The local media has picked up on it also and flat out asked Head Coach Dirk Koetter about it. His response, roughly, was that he agreed and if the results don’t change the personnel will. Wow! Mike Glennon isn’t going to take over for Winston so Jackson can catch more balls. Soooo …
How’d I Do? I have 2 strikes but have taken some good cuts and I own this pitcher …

Update: The Buccaneers announce that Vincent Jackson has been moved to IR with an ACL injury. Essentially ending his season and possibly his career. This is unfortunate news for arguably the best FA signing in Tampa’s history. Technically this Hot Take came true but I’m pulling it off the table do to the nature of the outcome.  
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