Week 6 Best Buc Fans Could Ask For

by Douglas O’Connor
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     The Buccaneers are playing couch potato’s this Sunday but their time off couldn’t of gone better. Atlanta lived on the west for a week to play the Seahawks while the Saints and Panthers faced off to see who could stay out of the cellar in the division.

     Here is what happened in both games and what it means for the Bucs going into week 7.

Atlanta Falcons fell just short of their comeback bid on the west coast. Dropping them to 4-2 but still in control of the division. Atlanta feels like they were robbed of a chance to win the game with a late field goal due to a 4th down pass interference no call. They need to shake off the loss quickly with the San Diego Chargers coming into town. Whom have been one of the best teams in football through 1st   3 1/2 quarters of every game.

New Orleans Saints won with a last second field goal and have climbed out of the cellar. You can sum up the Saints by reading the back of a shampoo bottle. Score a lot of points, give up a lot of points, repeat. Tough road game vs Kansas City will be a great gauge to see if New Orleans can compete against good teams.

Carolina Panthers are looking around in the locker room and wondering what in the hell happened. Gone are the on field team selfies, and the 10 second long handshakes that took all week to learn. Replacing them with a rancid secondary and a leaky offensive line. A 1-5 start and 0-3 in the division has the Panthers season an eyelash from being essentially over. The bye week couldn’t come at a better time. The Panthers need to circle the wagons and start over. Unfortunately for them they don’t have the players to run the defensive scheme they want to. It’s bad, real bad.

     So lets recap. The division leading Atlanta Falcons were robbed out of chance to win a game. The 3 time reigning division champs Carolina Panthers have lost 3 straight division games and appear to have no answers. The Saints won but without a defensive turnaround they aren’t a threat to win the division.

      All in all not a bad week.

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