Akeem Spence Coming Into His Own

Since joining the bucs in the 2013 draft Spence hasn’t done much to make much noise or to have people notice him but so far this year he has my attention. Spence stepped up to the occasion last week against Carolina with starters Gerald McCoy and Clinton McDonald out with injuries. The Dline was severely depleted and didn’t show much push at all but there was one guy that seemed to always have a push and that guy was Spence.

It was easy to see the difference between he and the undrafted free agents Channing Ward and Davonte Lambert. He was the main reason behind the big 3rd and 2 stop that got the ball back for the bucs late in the 4th quarter, which you can see here.
3&2 late in the 4th and A.Spence comes up huge blowing up the play against pro bowler Trai Turner and leave… https://t.co/51PAGlb8gM

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) October 16, 2016

Spence will never be known as a sack artist but he does his job well, which is stopping the run and clogging holes so others can capitalize. Seems like Spence is really taking well to new Dline coach Jay Hayes and assistant coach Paul Spicer as he hasn’t had this much push in the past. Hopefully he continues to grow off of this and shows us more moving forward. Lets see if he can top his career high of 3 sacks this year.

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