Vernon Hargreaves Taking His Spot

Vernon Hargreaves seems to have officially been slotted as one of the two starting corners next to Brent Grimes and what’s most exciting is it seems like he is going to be matched up with the best receiver every game. Last week VH3 seemed to shadow Panthers monster WR Kelvin Benjamin who stands 6’5 245 and the 5’10 200 lb Hargreaves faired well. Early in the game it seemed like Benjamin’s size was going to be too much but VH3 stepped up and got in his face more and actually caused the interception in the 2nd quarter. After that interception, Benjamin only caught the ball 2 more times out of 5 targets and caught 5 of a possible 9 in the entire game for 70 yards. Thats pretty good for a guy that is 7 inches shorter and 45 pounds lighter.

Below is one of my favorite plays of the night from VH3. First he notices that the play is a WR screen, then has the athletic ability to dodge the pulling tackle and ultimately shows his toughness to dive in there and make the play himself instead of waiting for his teammates.

VH3 may b small but he is smart and tough. Has the awareness to allude the pulling lineman and still makes …

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) October 16, 2016

That is why Hargreaves was our first pick this year and he continues to show more and more as his comfort level continues to rise. I expect to see his first interception soon if not against this offensively deprived 49ers team whose best receiver is Jeremy Kerley.

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