Hamstrings:What, Why, When, & Where.

by Douglas O’Connor
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     The recent “setback” of Buccaneers running back Doug Martin had a lot of fans throwing their hands in the air in frustration. Fully expecting to see their pro bowl running back lining up behind Jameis Winston in San Francisco.

    Hamstring injuries are commonplace in the NFL and are notorious for taking so much time to heal. The Buccaneers over the last 2 years have put two draft picks on IR due to hamstring injuries, Kenny Bell and Devante Bond. So it’s not something that is easily overcome.

     I decided to do some research about the injury in hopes to understand why it’s so common and information on the best treatments. I found a pages an pages of medical journal papers, but since I’m no doctor a lot of it information was lost on me. Then I came across an ESPN Training Room post that broke it down for us workaday types. Would you like to know MORE.

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