Bucs v Eagles Film Doesn’t Help Much

by Douglas O’Connor

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     The Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced of against Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles on November 22, of last year and walked out of Lincoln Financial Field with a 45-17 win. Jameis Winston threw for 5 touchdowns tying a rookie record and Doug Martin ran for a whopping 235 yards. Initially you’d think that the Bucs could dust off that game tape and use it as a blueprint against the now Kelly led San Francisco 49ers. Sure the offense schemes are the same but just about everything else has changed.

     Chip Kelly’s offensive scheme is the same, but obviously the players have changed. The biggest change is at quarterback. Gone is the turnover machine Mark Sanchez replaced by a more mobile and more dangerous Colin Kaepernick. Sanchez threw 3 interceptions and put his team in a hole almost from the start. Now that Kaepernick is at the helm the read option will be a much bigger part of Kelly’s game plan. 

     Dirk Koetter’s offense put up 45 points and over 520 yards of offense against the Eagles last year. Giving Chip Kelly an up close and personal look at all of the Bucs offensive weapons. What makes the tape near worthless is that 2 of the 5 offensive touchdowns and 365 of the 520 total yards won’t be on the field Sunday. Mostly in the form of Doug Martin, Charles Sims, and Vincent Jackson.

     Granted the Eagles offense didn’t do a lot to help out their defense. 4 turnovers and only 7 points, but the offensive game plan the Bucs conceived for Philly is pointless now. Not only are the players different, but so is the coordinator and scheme. When Chip Kelly “moved” from the Eagles to the 49ers he didn’t bring then defensive coordinator Billy Davis instead he hired Jim O’Neil away from the Cleveland Browns. The only thing that is a consistent factor between the 2 defenses is that they both lineup in a 3-4.

     The Buccaneers defensive film against the Eagles will be the most helpful, but with the hiring of new defensive coordinator Mike Smith his plan won’t be identical. The addition of 4 new Bucs that will see significant playing time and Kaepernick’s mobility changes the defensive approach enough to use the the tape more as a guideline not a blueprint.

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