Back to 500

A few weeks back the Bucs were 1-3 as it look like nothing was going in the right direction for this team. The offense was a turnover machine while the defense was allowing big plays and couldn’t get any turnovers to help the offense out. In addition the Bucs had multiple injuries to key players which didn’t make matters any better, and things seem to be going the wrong way again for this team. However, the Bucs did not put their head down instead they fought back by getting back to playing smart football and most importantly doing what they do best and that is running the football. The Bucs got a big win against division rival in the Panthers, then yesterday took care of business against the 49ers which put the team back at 500 with an record of 3-3.

Now granted the last two wins for the Bucs were against teams that have two wins combined but for a team who has struggled to win consistently it was huge. The offense played with balance allowing Jameis to be more comfortable throughout the game and not putting it all on him. The defense got turnovers with 7 over the last two games while the offense has had only one turnover giving the Bucs a plus 6 in turnover ratio. This team is starting to get healthy as they are going to get more key guys back over the next month and hopefully they can keep this winning thing going. The Bucs have a big three game span coming up in which all three are at Ray-Jay and it’s time this team starts winning games at home. It starts this Sunday against a very good team in the Oakland Raiders.

Dirk Koetter during his post game press conference. “We gotta learn how to win games at home”

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) October 23, 2016

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