Bucs Have Found Their Winning Formula

The Bucs have found success during the last two games and are back to 500 at 3-3. It seems like the Bucs have found the winning formula which is the formula for all good teams. The formula is simple which is be balance on offense (run the ball), protect the football, and on defense don’t give up the big play. The Bucs have done just that over the last two games in which they ran for 362 yards and only one turnover on offense and their defense has been more consistent in not allowing the big play. This team is playing smart and playing to their strengths which is running the football on offense and stopping the run on defense.

As long as Jameis is making smart decisions with the football and avoiding the bad turnovers, this team is dangerous. The Bucs offensive line is becoming an strength for this team and is getting push in the ground game. With the Bucs being balance on offense, it is opening up more opportunities for Mike Evans who had two more touchdowns yesterday and is now tied for most receiving touchdowns with 6 on the year. The Bucs have the Raiders next and their defense isn’t the greatest so the opportunity to be balanced on offense is there again. The winning formula is in place for the Bucs, now the next step is finding ways to win at home.

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