Lavonte David Is Still Very Good!

While listening to the vibe of bucs fans I’ve come across a disturbing point about how Lavonte David isn’t that good and not worth the 10 million he currently is being paid. I’m here to totally disagree. While watching tape on David he is still always involved in the ball and around the ball. He had one bad game against the Cardinals where he didn’t register a tackle and all of a sudden people think he isn’t that good. Other than that game he’s had at least 5 tackles in every game totaling 34 tackles, 1 sack and 2 forced fumbles. The guy is a man as you can see below.

Watch as David takes on a lineman and still almost makes the play. He is still one of our best players. Sma…

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) October 24, 2016

David is still alive people!

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) October 24, 2016

The first vine shows it all, David is 6’1 233, the pulling Guard is rookie Josh Garnett who is 6’4 312 lbs. David is an animal and doesn’t hesitate for a second and lays him out, then attacks the runningback. He doesn’t make the play but he sets up the rest of his teammates and the play ends up going for a loss. David plays the game from the neck up and I believe he is still that dominant linebacker but now he finally has help in Kwon Alexander. There should be no criticism to David and more of a realization of how good Kwon is actually becoming.

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