Bucs Have Two Pro Bowl Guards

The Bucs offensive line still comes up as an hot topic of discussion and how good they really are. Here at Real Bucs Talk, we believe they are one of the strongest units on this team and will continue to get better. Specifically the two guards whom both are under the age of 26, and both have been outstanding this season. Let’s start with the right guard out of Hobart college who was taken in the 2nd round of the 2015 draft. Ali Marpet has taken big steps this year with his overall game as he is excellent in the run game and has been above average in his pass protection. Marpet, 23 is very athletic but has power as well making him an ideal guard. There has been legit conversation about Marpet making the pro bowl this year especially if the Bucs can continue their winning ways.

#Bucsfilm2016wk7 Ali Marpet got it started early w/ a great pull sealing the DE #PlayByPlayByCheah https://t.co/1orXd1gKWo

— Steven Cheah (@CHEAH_SAY) October 28, 2016

However, Ali Marpet has not been the Bucs best offensive lineman that title goes to the team’s 5th round selection in 2014. That is third year guard Kevin Pamphile whom has been outstanding and probably the biggest surprise of the season. Pamphile, 25 wasn’t even suppose to start this season as the Bucs had free agent JR Sweezy slotted in at the left guard position. Sweezy got hurt and hasn’t taken the field all year and as they say someones misfortune is another man’s opportunity. Pamphile finally got his shot heading into this season and so far he is cementing his spot along this offensive line group. Pamphile has size and speed standing at 6’5 310lbs and uses his strength to just manhandle his opponents.

#Bucsfilm2016wk7 Nice seals by Hawley, Marpet. @Pb25Peyton shows good agility & accelerati… https://t.co/2RtwEU0PsS

— Steven Cheah (@CHEAH_SAY) October 28, 2016

The Bucs have had some good tandems at guard before but this current one might be the best they have had. Both have pro bowl ability and are not even in their prime yet which is kinda scary. Bucs should be able to continue to run the ball well behind these two as they are both playing at an very high level.

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