What’s with the Gerald McCoy Hate?

Tired of the McCoy haters out there and I’m here to step up for him. McCoy has done nothing but be a silent producer and leader for this Bucs football team ever since he was drafted here in 2010. This year he already has 3 sacks in 6 games and plenty more pressures but he still get called out for not doing enough. His 3 sacks is tied for the team lead with rookie Noah Spence and he missed one game. On every play McCoy will usually get double and even sometimes triple teamed but for bucs fans that’s not enough. It also doesn’t matter that he has been on the NFL top 100 that is voted by players to say who is the best. He was number 63 last year and the year before that he was 28. He still is one of the most dominant defensive tackles in the league and he needs to be recognized as that. Here are a flew clips of his pressures against the Raiders from Sunday.

McCoy gets in and even hits Carr on this throw. Then Crabtree shoves Grimes in the back but somehow the ref… https://t.co/gKXf6Mglmh

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) November 1, 2016

Love this play. McCoy flys in and Spence reads the play and gets to the spot and stalls the play enough to … https://t.co/qCfhDxElfv

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) November 1, 2016

Watch 93 McCoy beat his man then get tackled from behind but no flag? McDougald still makes a great play on… https://t.co/K8UegyY2cZ

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) November 1, 2016

McCoy makes a difference in every play he is in, he may not be the guy getting the sack or making the tackle but you better believe that other team was shadowing him more than the guy who did make the play. He is one of the rare players on our defense that coaches have to take notice and game plan for. Rookie Noah Spence is benefiting from him not the other way around. Looking at the rest of the NFL the leading DT in sacks is Leonard Williams with 6 and he plays more of a 3-4 hybrid. The next man after him has 4 and that the Eagles Fletcher Cox who just got a huge contract of his own. So if you look at McCoys 3 sacks and he actually missed one game, then hes right there in the mix. Bucs fans need to start respecting what they have instead of crying about what they don’t.

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