Bucs Are Still on Track

The Bucs are coming off a tough loss against Oakland putting their record at 3-4 and in 2nd place in the NFC South. Even at 3-4, the Bucs are still on track to reach their goals which are still very attainable. This team has been hit hard by injuries plus growing pains on both sides of the ball put the team in a hole to start the season. However, despite all of that the Bucs have a big opportunity in front of them as a win on Thursday would get them back on track. Bucs would be 4-4 and 3-0 in the NFC south which would be huge and only one game back of Atlanta.

Here at RealBucsTalk, we truly believe the defense is coming around and that the offense needs to do more to help them out. If the Bucs really want to get on winning streak, then Jameis Winston is going to have to be the best player on this team. He needs to be consistent with his decision making and be accurate with his throws especially down the field. Yes more balance play calling can help him but the Bucs were balance and there were plays to be made that Jameis is more than capable of making. This team has to play complimentary football in which both offense and defense help each other as well as special teams. Before the Raiders lost, the Bucs were doing that and they need to get back to it by doing it week in and week out. We said the Bucs need to win 2 out 3 during this home stand and that is still possible. Bucs captain Gerald McCoy says its time to win at home and it starts with Atlanta tonight per Buccaneers.com.

“Okay, let’s say that they did all that and we won. Would we care? I think we care more about the fact that we lost. The yards, it is what it is. I’ve seen teams throw for a whole bunch of yards and lose the game. We lost the game, that’s what matters. We’ll fix that. We’ve got to win. We need to get a win.”

Time to get a big win and if the Bucs do they are still on track to get where they want to go.

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