Continuity Is A Must!

So many fans have their own opinions and some are so erratic that it makes you wonder what they are thinking. The most recent talk amongst bucs fans seems that since the bucs have lost another game at home then some drastic change needs to be made with one of the long time buccaneers because they aren’t getting it done. The two buccaneer names that are being thrown around are Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David. Fans want to trade away possibly our two best players for a group of lesser players, thinking that it will make our team better.

Lets think about this… Why the hell would we do that? Both McCoy and David have signed long term deals to stay here not only because of the money but because they want to be a part of the turnaround of the buccaneers. You don’t get rid of the guys who have been here the longest and have seen the bad and are set on being great again. Both players are still playing at high levels and I would even say at pro bowl levels.
This makes me think about the rays and how if only they would have kept there championship run team together what they could have been? Now the bucs are keeping their players here and not letting them get away and fans find a way to say its bad again. Fans need to calm down and see those two as answers to the problem not the problem itself. The defense is learning a total new defense and there is going to be communication breakdowns. Yes, I agree that we still need an influx of defensive talent but there are plenty of pieces already in place and the future looks bright if we keep everyone together. Let the team learn this defense and become a unit.
This team is still very young and its leaders on both sides of the ball are only 22 (Winston, Alexander). The more they can play together and build chemistry the better they will get.

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