Bucs Are Not Ready For Primetime

These last two weeks have shown that the Bucs are just not ready for prime time and as of right now they are just not there yet as a football team. Going into the season, we believe the team was talented enough to make a run at winning 9 maybe 10 games this year but we didn’t foresee this many injuries to key players. In addition to the injuries, with an new coaching staff in place especially on the defensive side of the ball there has been growing pains along with communication errors and at times questionable playcalling. Plus with a first year head coach there are mistakes that are going to be made which has happen in multiple games this season.

This team still needs time to grow together and still needs to add multiple pieces on both sides of the ball through free agency and mainly the draft. Consistency with the coaching staff would help as the constant change with the coaching staff has created high roster turnover rate which hurts an team from attaining any kind of consistency on the field. This team is still heading in the right direction as they have key pieces in place especially at Qb with Jameis Winston who is still learning how to be consistent in this league. Gm Jason Licht needs to find more playmakers for the offense to help young Jameis out along with keeping most of the current group in place. Same can be said with the defense which could use some more pieces up front on the defensive line along with more playmakers in the secondary.

The Bucs are getting closer but are still not ready to contend for a playoff spot as they need more time to grow and mature as a football team. The team also needs to look into getting a better training staff as the amount of injuries this season has been ridiculous. The loss of Doug Martin has really hurt this team as he is critical piece to the Bucs success. Hopefully he can return this week against the Bears as it’s important for this team to finish the season strong with at least 4 to 5 more wins which would be an successful season for this current group.

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