Bucs Need to Finish Strong

The Bucs have lost the last two games dropping their record to 3-5 and are now a long shot to make the playoffs. Despite the last two games, the Bucs need to focus on finishing strong over these last eight games. This team has struggled over the last several seasons to finish out seasons on a high note and that must change this season. The Bucs are facing a tough stretch to finish the season but 4 to 5 more wins is still possible with this current roster.

It looks like running back Doug Martin is finally going to return to action possibly this Sunday vs the Bears which would be huge for this team. With Martin back, the Bucs could get back to being balance on offense, winning time of possession, and allowing the defense to be rested throughout the game. This current team needs to get back to those things which is and should be the identity of this team. Enforcing that identity over these last eight games is going to be critical not only to finish strong this year but going forward as well.

It’s important for this team to learn how to win in November and December because that is what winning teams do. Winston, Martin, and Evans makes the offense more dangerous and now just need the defense to find what works for them and stick with it. If this team can get seven to eight wins I would say that is pretty good for what has happen during this season. The time is now to start building confidence throughout this roster and for them to learn how to win in the final two months of the season. Only one way to do that and that is finishing strong to close it out.

How many more wins for the Bucs this season? Feel free to comment below!

Bucs remaining schedule:

Nov 13th      Bears          1pm
Nov 20th @ Cheifs          1pm
Nov 27th      Seahawks   4pm
Dec  4th   @ Chargers     4pm
Dec  11th      Saints         1pm
Dec  18th @ Cowboys     1pm
Dec  24th @ Saints          1pm
Jan    1th       Panthers    1pm

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