Mike Evans is Savage

The bucs 6’5 monster WR Mike Evans is stone cold. He not only is leading the league in Touch downs but is supremely confident in himself and his abilities. When asked today if he felt like he didn’t have concussion and why he was on concussion protocol he gave a straight forward answer.

No, I didn’t have a concussion, but its up to them (the bucs) but I know I didn’t have a concussion.

Later he was asked if he appreciated the fact that the bucs put him in the protocol.

Yeah I appreciate it but I just know my body and I didn’t have a concussion. 

The Man has a goal to be the best and he knows what he has to do to be it. Evans is a true number 1 receiver and truly is breaking out this year more than his prior first 2. Half way through the season and he already has 55 catches 745 yards and 8 TDs. He knows he can always get better and even mentioned a couple areas where he feels he can improve on.

Route running, blocking, everything. Fatigue, I get tired too fast, I just got to get better.

Evans has his eyes set on the same goal as Winston and thats winning games. He even mentioned to reporters how he’s ready for a playoff push. He no doubt is a winner and is one of the guys on this team that will push others to a higher level so that we do win games. If his second half of the season looks anything like his first the bucs are looking at the best season from a Buccaneer wide receiver ever.

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