Expect Max Protection

One thing that the Bucs offense doesn’t do much is max protection with their passing game. Tomorrow it should be utilized against the pass rush that they will be facing at 1pm. The Chiefs have some talented pass rushers like Dee Ford, Tamba Hali and perhaps making his return in Justin Houston. Ford has 10 sacks on the season and is becoming one of the more feared pass rushers in the game today. With Houston in the mix they become that more dangerous as Houston is one of the elite rushers in the game already. This is why it’s important that the Bucs coaching staff give their o-line some help tomorrow by going with max protection and allowing Jameis enough time to operate.

Now running the ball the effectively will help keep the pass rush at bay, but I would expect the Bucs to throw out of typical run formations to keep the Chiefs defense off balance. Given that our tackles both had crap games last week and playing with a rookie left guard, have to expect that head coach Dirk Koetter is going to do what he can to help them out. Look for the Bucs to run a lot of two tight end sets along with keeping a running back in to help chip on the edges. Now again a great ground game will help a lot but Jameis is going to have to be able to make plays in the passing game in which pass protection has to be there. I would be very surprised if we don’t see some sort of max protection against the Chiefs defense tomorrow.

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