Take Advantage of The Checkdown

The Chiefs defense is the ultimate bend but don’t break unit as they find a way to either force a turnover or hold their opponents to three points. Their defense will give up the checkdowns as the 5 to 6 yard pass play is going to be there for opposing offenses. Jameis and the Bucs offense needs to take advantage of this in today’s game. Jameis needs to look for Cam Brate, Doug Martin, and Cecil Shorts in the flats and in the middle of field as there will be opportunities there. Now again the Bucs are going to come out run heavy as they should as the Chiefs run d is less than stellar, but the short passing game is an extension of the run game.

Jameis did a great job of this against the Falcons in week one as he hit the checkdowns early and often in the first half. By doing this it opened up the deep passing game in which helped the Bucs win in week 1. The offense should be able to do the same today as it will be there and then later in the game the deep passing game should open up. The Bucs need Jameis to bring his A game against the Chiefs as they have plenty of playmakers on defense and it’s important that Jameis is accurate and smart today. Look for the checkdowns today which should help the Bucs to keep the chains moving.

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