Signature Win?

The Bucs have won two in row by playing complete football games back to back against the Bears and Chiefs respectively. This team is starting to believe and is getting better each week as they are back at 500 now sitting at 5-5. For them to go on the road and pretty much man handle a good 7-2 team and close them out for the win was pretty impressive for such a young team. Could this be the signature win that this team has been searching for the last decade? Former coach Tony Dungy believes it was as he feels this could be the start of a push towards winning ways.

Huge win for Tampa Bay on the road at KC. This might be the signature win they’ve been looking for to jump start them toward the playoffs.

— Tony Dungy (@TonyDungy) November 20, 2016

I will say it was an huge win because it shows that this team is more than capable of beating anybody when guys do their jobs and they play as one. Jameis Winston has been outstanding the last two weeks and has raised the play of others around him which is great to see. The defense is flying to the ball and getting off the field on third down which is what good defenses do. Again they are not an perfect unit but they are making progress and coming up with clutch plays at big moments. Chris Conte has gotten a lot of crap for his play but these last two weeks he has made game winning plays with his two interceptions.

Not going to say this Chiefs win is going to spark them towards the playoffs but it should give them confidence going into this Sunday’s game against Seattle who is also 7-2. If Jameis keeps playing like he has, this team is going to have a chance against any team including the Seahawks this week at Ray-Jay. Hopefully the Bucs can keep this momentum going and get that big victory at home they have needed for a while.

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