Don’t Allow the Big Play

Its easy to say for a defense to prevent the big play, its a whole other thing to make it happen. Looking at this Seahawks team they are well rounded but what gives them an edge is the ability to strike deep with Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. Both are smaller in stature but have more than enough quickness and speed to burn you deep.

Lockett to me is the one player the bucs can’t let loose. He takes Kicks and Punts which in his rookie year he took one each back to the house for 7. He hasn’t done that yet this year but I’m hoping the bucs take notice of that. We all have heard about how the Seattle O-line has been pieced together but Wilson has been sacked less than Winston and he is even more deadly on the run. Bucs need to contain Wilson and keep everything in front of them which they have been doing well the past couple weeks. Lets all hope it continues.

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