CB Brent Grimes Is Phillip Rivers Kryponite

by Douglas O’Connor
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     San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers has been taking apart NFL defense’s for 13 years. Known for his big arm, big temper and the mentality that he can fit a football through a keyhole from 40 yards away.

     Given Rivers supreme confidence in his right arm, you would think his interception numbers would be higher. He has the least amount of turnovers through the air than any of his high profile counterparts that entered the league with him (2004). Eli Manning leads the way (209) followed by Carson Palmer (274) Ben Roethlisberger (154) and then Rivers (147). Seeing these numbers makes corner back Brent Grimes play against the San Diego gunslinger even more impressive.

     Grimes has faced Rivers once the past three years while patrolling the secondary for the Miami Dolphins. During those match ups Brent has 4 interceptions, getting at least one drive stopping turnover in each game. While Grimes was with the Atlanta Falcons they faced Rivers and the Chargers twice. Once in 2008, Grimes 2nd year in the league, where he didn’t appear in the box score.  Brent only played in 12 games that year so it is unclear if Grimes even saw the field that game. The Falcons once again faced the Chargers in 2012 in week three, but Grimes had suffered a season ending Achilles injury during the opener against the Chiefs and missed the game.

    Vernon Hargreaves, whom I’ve given the nickname The Jackal do to his mic’d up performance, should be Brent Grimes shadow during this weeks preparation. Grimes track record against Rivers could be the edge that The Jackal needs to record his first NFL interception.

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