Martin is The Key to The Offense

The Bucs have been much improved over the last three games and are currently on a three game winning streak. A big reason for this recent streak has been the return of Doug Martin to the lineup and how he opens up the offense. The Bucs offense is at it’s best when it can establish the run and then use the play action passing game. That is what this offense is built for and it’s what Jameis does best as he is already an master of the play action passing game. With Doug Martin back, the Bucs can finally play to their strengths on offense. Now Doug hasn’t had a big game yet but his presence and the threat of the run have given this offense more flexibility and open the playbook up even more.

The good news is Martin is progressing with each passing game as his yards continue to rise as he has gone from 33, 63 and this past game up to 87 yards which means he is getting closer to his 2015 form. Down the stretch over these last 5 games, Martin needs to average 20 plus carries because when he does the Bucs can control the clock but can maintain balance on offense as well. I have been saying all off-season that Martin is the key to the offense and during this final month he is going to have to be at his best. Bucs will be facing some good offenses in this last month of the season, so it is critical that the Bucs continue their winning formula which is running the ball non-stop. Expect Martin’s numbers to continue to rise over these last five games.

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