More Aggressive Scheme Equals Better Defense

The Bucs defense has been mixed with good and bad play this season and there are multiple reasons for that. Earlier in the season, there were tons of moving parts with injuries and guys still learning where to be on the field. Plus the defense was being put in bad positions due the offense struggling to protect the football. So the result was 1-3 and the Bucs needed to make changes which was protect the football better and be more aggressive on defense. The Bucs won two in row to get back at 500 and then for some reason, the Bucs D was trying to do too many things against the Raiders and Falcons and the result was 1000 yards given up and 73 points allowed. So at 3-5, the Bucs defensive coaching staff got together and decided they were going to be more simple scheme wise and be aggressive on the ball and get after the Qb.

After the Falcons loss, the defense has been outstanding allowing only 10.7 points plus 9 takeaways and 10 sacks over the last three games. The Bucs are playing more press man coverage and our allowing their secondary to attack the ball which is needed in this pass happy league. DC Mike Smith has made the proper adjustments and is doing a better job of mixing his blitzes but also putting in his pass rush unit on the field more during 1st and 2nd down has really helped. Most good offenses are all about timing and to be a good defense in this league you have to disrupt that timing somehow. Easiest way is with pressure in the backfield whether it’s a run or pass and with an healthy D-line finally, they have been able to do just that. The Bucs defense will need to continue to be aggressive by being suffocating in coverage and allowing the front four to generate pressure. Let’s hope the defensive success continues as they are their best when they are aggressive and allowed to play fast.

Game sealing interception by McDougald. Easily his best game as a pro.

— realbucstalk (@realbucstalk) November 29, 2016

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