Odds And Ends About The Chargers Game

by Douglas O’Connor
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     Not all interesting components of the Buccaneers, Chargers game can be generated into a full story. So I have put together some “oh really” tidbits and posted them all together for easy consumption.

Gerald McCoy pulled Chargers RB Melvin Gordon to the side after interviewing him on press row during Super Bowl week. Giving him a pep talk about his disappointing rookie season and telling him just to keep working. Things will get better. Gordon is 4th in the league in rushing and rushing touchdowns, after coming in 29th last year with zero TD’s.

The Chargers run the ball over 55% of the time on 1st down.

Head Coach Mike McCoy has elected to receive the past two games, even though the Chargers have won the coin toss.

Phillip Rivers starts fast but steadily declines as the game goes on. 1st quarter QBR 108.4 then continuously drops till it bottoms out at 76.9 during the 4th.

Rivers hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass on any San Diego drive that starts on or inside their own 20 yard line.

When trailing late in games, under 4 minutes. Rivers is throwing for less than a 50% rate with 4 interceptions and 0 touchdowns.

Buccaneers Head Coach Dirk Koetter said while talking to the San Diego media that you teach offense through the eyes of the quarterback. Koetter has been fielding questions about Jameis Winston for almost 2 years and this is the first time I’ve heard this.

Casey Hayward a free agent pick up from the Green Bay Packers. Where he played almost exclusively inside nickel corner, is tied for the lead league for interceptions. Hayward has moved to outside starting corner back this season and has shadowed some teams elite receiver. Mike Evans is expected to draw Hayward all day this Sunday.

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