Bucs Offense Must Get Back to The Basics

The Bucs are winning again which is awesome as their defense has been terrific during this 5 game winning streak. However while that is great, the offense has been struggling to get any kind of consistency going especially in the redzone. They are 21st in scoring efficiency with a rate of 34% which is not very good and is something they must improve down the stretch if they want to play in January. This offense starts with the running game as it opens up the play action passing game which is what Jameis is best at. It’s been a struggle all year for the run game as there have been injuries, inconsistent O-line play, along with opposing defenses forcing Jameis to beat them.

Personally I think it’s time to get back to the basics as this offense needs to make everything simple and dont try to get too fancy. I think the Bucs need to get away from running out of the shotgun formation and purely run out of the I-form or singleback allowing Doug Martin and company to run downhill. Everytime the Bucs run out of the I-form or singleback up the middle usually good things happen. So if the Bucs start with that, it could help the offense more down the stretch also think the Bucs run better with the three wide formation as well.

As for the passing game, it’s real simple in which Jameis needs to trust other guys besides Brate and Evans. Take what the defense is giving you and stay ahead of the chains. This past game Jameis had other guys open but instead got too locked on Evans or Brate and it ends up being a wasted play. With that being said they need to find a way to isolate Evans and Brate more in the redzone as the Bucs are leaving too many points on the field. Need to get back to more slants and drag routes over the middle to help open up space against the opposing defense. Jameis expects it to get better via buccaneers.com.

“No, we didn’t (perform well). We’re going to look back on this film and say, ‘A win is a win.’ Coach Koetter’s going to get after us. The coaches should get after us, because like Robert [Ayers[ said, ‘We’re terrible.’ We’ve got to continue every week to get better and better. The offense, we have to play better for us to win football games.’

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