Preparation Has Been The Difference

Usually preparation is key if you want to have success in anything that you do especially for NFL teams. For the Bucs, their success has been because of better preparation in practice and in the film room. Both players and coaches have said it during this streak that everyone has brought in and are putting in the work necessary to get better every day. This is what the great teams do as it all about preparation and what the team does during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s practice to ensure they are ready to put it on the field Sunday.

Better preparation can lead to better opportunities and these last 5 weeks the Bucs have taken advantage by forcing turnovers and on offense taking better care of the ball. Players are in position to make plays and it’s awesome to see. This comes from working hard in the film room and knowing opposing teams tendencies and anticipating what they will do next. For instance, here is Lavonte David talking about the Keith Tandy interception against the Saints via

“It was a great play by Tandy, man. Great communication on the back end and those guys, they practice it all week. We do a great job throughout the week of talking, so those guys in the back end, they did their talking and they knew what play was coming. Tandy was able to jump in front of the ball and make a great play.”

I can’t remember a recent Bucs team knowing what play or plays to look for which tells you this team is trusting their coaches and also putting in the work every day. This is what separates the great teams from the good teams as the great teams usually out prepare the other team allowing them to make one more play than their opponent. Here is more from Keith Tandy talking about the interception via

“It’s a formation we’ve seen on film, and Bradley (McDougald) was just talking to me, ‘I’m coming to you so sit on it.’ We’ve been trying to get our scout team to run the route all week and they couldn’t run it right. You always know in crunch time situations that teams go to one of their favorite plays, and that was one of their favorite plays.”

 That is what is allowing this team to be successful as great preparation can create opportunities to have success. With 5 wins in a row, they are taking advantage of it, and lets hope they can do the same in Dallas on Sunday night football.

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