Big Game Coming For Jameis on Sunday Night?

Lately the talk has been all about the Bucs defense and rightfully so as the unit has been the best in the league during this winning streak. However, the offense has struggled to put up points consistently and have had issues mainly finishing drives in the redzone with touchdowns. I think this week that changes as the offense knows it needs a big game sooner or later, and I think it starts this Sunday night in Dallas. Cowboys defense allows almost 70% completion rate to opposing quarterbacks but only allow 18.3 points per game. This is mainly due to the Cowboys offense having the ball most of the game because of their dominant run game.

I expect the Bucs offense to have a similar gameplan in how they attacked the Falcons in week 1 in which they took advantage of the checkdowns to open up the deep passing game. With this being a big primetime game, I believe Jameis is going to take that next step and have one of those elite games that he has shown at times this season. Jameis is at his best when he is spreading the ball around and is just hitting the open man and I expect that to take place against the Cowboys.

Him and Evans have been quite the duo this year and I think Evans will get his looks but Jameis needs to trust his other weapons as well. I just really like this matchup for the Bucs offense as the Cowboys defense don’t have a great pass rush and don’t really blitz as they will keep 7 in coverage most of the time. This is why I believe a big game could be in store for Jameis and the offense as they have the guys to take advantage of this cover 2 defense. Having Humprhies, Sims, and new guy Josh Huff in the lineup should help open up the offense as I think Koetter is going to cut it loose a little bit. The defense has been dominant, now it’s time for the offense to have a complete game and I think Jameis is going to lead the way.

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