Inconsistent Ground Game Has Hurt The Bucs

This season has been a fun one as the Bucs have won eight games and have a chance to win 9 which would give them a winning record since 2010. Unfortunately, the Bucs will likely not be in the playoffs this season but they have a good foundation to build on for the 2017 season. One of the main reasons this team won’t be in the playoffs is the lack of a good running game. In 2015, that was the strength for the offense as they could gash teams with big runs as well as control the clock.

For whatever reason, the ground game could just never get going this year. Injuries to Doug Martin and Charles Sims didn’t help, then Jacquizz Rodgers was doing well and then he got injured. So for the Bucs running game, it has been two steps forward and then one step back as it was close to breaking out but never met.

Inconsistent play along the offensive line hasn’t helped either as they have struggled to create holes along with allowing too much penetration. This is going to be one of the keys this off-season as the Bucs need to solve their run game issues. This offense is at their best when they can use their play action passing game and control the clock with the run as well. Unfortunately in 2016, it was the downfall for the offense.

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