Bucs Finish The 2016 Season Strong

At one point this season the Bucs were 3-5 and things were looking to be spiraling downward towards another losing season for the team. However it’s not how you start it’s how you finish and this team finished strong. The Bucs put together a five game winning streak with outstanding defense and a clutch offense. Ultimately the team finished 6-2 down the stretch in which they beat two playoff teams in the Chiefs and Seahawks.

The defense made big strides along with special teams as both units got better as the season went along. Unfortunately, the offense took a step back as injuries and inconsistent play hurt the unit and just wasn’t good enough during critical times of the season. With that being said for this team to fight and stay together all season was great to see as this team brought the effort every Sunday. I thought the coaching staff as a whole made improvements especially Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith as they made adjustments to help the team win. Now with the off-season underway, the Bucs have to be confident they can make improvements and carry this momentum into the 2017 season. Progress was made and the arrow is pointing up for this franchise.

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