Bucs Have The 19th Pick in The Draft

With the 2016 season officially over for the Bucs, the front office and coaching staff will shift their attention to the off-season. Right now staffs around the league are watching tape and evaluating everything they did the previous season and what they need to do to get better as a team. This off-season will be very important as the Bucs are close to being a contender but need some more pieces added to the mix.

The Bucs will be better just by having most of the staff returning plus players will be more comfortable with their current schemes and playbooks. So that in itself is a positive as is the younger guys will get better as they have more experience to work with. The arrow is pointing up and now it’s up to Jason Licht and his staff to keep it that way by having a good off-season. There were so many positives from the 2016 season as this team got better with each game. The offense suffered a setback but was mainly due to injuries and inconsistent play from certain positions. However, the defense took huge steps as they improved in points allowed and third down defense in which they were number one.

With that being said, this team could still use more pieces on both sides to the ball. On offense, positions that I would address would be WR, C, TE, RB. Then on defense, it would be DE, DT, S, CB. So still many positions need to be addressed and Jason Licht and his staff truly believe that the NFL Draft is the best place to just do that. As Licht has said in the past, the draft is where you find your star players. The Bucs have the 19th selection in this year’s draft which puts them in a good position to get a solid player to fill one of the needs mention above. Most scouts have said this draft is deep at RB, DE, S, and TE which is great news for the Bucs. We will get deeper into draft talk as we move closer but as of now the Bucs are in a great situation.

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