Bucs Offense Need More Explosive Plays

In 2015, the Bucs had a lethal running game which created explosive plays for the offense and allowed them to be more efficient. In 2016, due to injuries and inconsistent line play, the Bucs had no running game which didn’t help the passing game to create explosive plays downfield. Now part of this is due to the offense not having much speed to work with which is why the Bucs were at the bottom in yac(yards after catch) yards.

In this league, it is all about explosive plays and the Bucs went from averaging 9 explosives to only 7 in 2016. This off-season, the Bucs need to figure out how they can achieve more explosive plays whether it’s via the run or pass. Everyone has a part in it and unfortunately both Doug Martin and Charles Sims were out multiple times this season due to injuries. Those two combined for more explosive plays in 2015 than the whole team in 2016. Jameis Winston needs to improve his deep ball accuracy, but more receivers besides just Mike Evans on the outside will help that too. Coach Koetter needs to be more creative and diverse in his play calling. Simply, the Bucs need to add more speed to this team and get guys in here that can make one guy miss and take it to the house for 6.

The good news is Bucs Gm Jason Licht knows this and will be definitely upgrading the talent at the skill positions this off-season. This offense can be dangerous as it did a great job converting on third down but it is hard to score in this league on 10 to 12 play drives everytime. Taking care of the ball and hitting on explosive plays is what wins games in this league now. Koetter talks about this all the time and have to believe that him and Licht are going to do what they can to add that missing ingredient which is called speed.

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