The Only Free Agent Wide Receiver The Bucs Should Sign

by Douglas O’Connor
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     A mini-miracle has occurred here at Real Bucs Talk, we all agree on something! Michael, Mark and myself all think the Buccaneers should go after only one wide receiver during the 2017 free agency period and we feel it needs and has to be Cordarrelle Patterson.

     Patterson was a 1st round draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings back in 2013. After a very promising rookie season his numbers dipped slightly in his second season, only to fall into Norv Turner’s doghouse in 2015 and rarely saw the field. Cordarrelle redeemed himself this past season and put up comparable numbers to his first year, even with a mid-season change of his offensive coordinator.

     At first look Patterson’s number gives the appearance of a solid number 2 or a productive slot receiver. If you take out the 2015 season (2 catches for 10 yards), Cordarrelle averaged 43 catches for 435 yards with just over 2 touchdowns per year. Nothing to get excited about for sure, but if you look a little deeper Patterson’s real value becomes apparent. Factor in another 4 touchdowns on the ground and 5 more from returning kicks. Cordarrelle’s value is clear.

     Blessed with true 4.4 speed that is spread through his 6′ 2″ 220 lbs frame, Patterson is built as an every down receiver. He has scores of 79, 67, and 50, the last two coming on the ground, makes him a big play threat from anywhere on the field. He also has 3 kickoff returns over 100 yards and a total of 24 over 40 yards. Widely considered as the leagues best return man Cordarrelle is a 3 time All Pro selection and is going to his 3rd Pro Bowl later this month.

     Buccaneer GM Jason Licht loves versatile players and Patterson fills three impending needs. First is speed. Head coach Dirk Koetter talked about in his exit presser about getting faster on offense. Second is wide receiver help for Jameis. Although Patterson’s number aren’t eye popping, I believe that he is not suited for the short and quick passing game Minnesota runs. He would be a much better fit here in Tampa that employs deeper route running and more shots over the top of the defense. Third is the instant upgrade to the kickoff  returns. The Buccaneers ranked dead last in this category in 2016 and the addition of Patterson could take them all the up to 1st.

     Jason Licht will still have to look to upgrade the wide receiver position in the draft but we think that Cordarrelle Patterson is the only and right choice in this year free agent market.

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  • Joshua Grogg says:

    I like this move if they pull it off but what about terrelle pryor instead patterson. Maybe BOTH?

  • Joshua Grogg says:

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  • Mark Ramirez says:

    Terrelle Pryor's price would be too high in my opinion, also we need speed in space and to me there are better options.

  • Joshua Grogg says:

    I think he would be cheaper then Jeffries which I think the bucs will go after. But he had a great year in his 1st year as a WR with 3 or 4 QBS on a really bad team. I don't see Patterson as anything more then a kick returner and a good slot guy. We need a 2nd WR. Let not forget that the bucs have almost 70 mil in cap space and with some moves of Martin and Verner with some others they could be sitting around 90 mil in cap. That would pay for pryor patterson and locking down evens on his next contact with more then enough room to make a big play at a FS names berry if he hits the market which I think he will.

  • Like the ideas Josh. But I just don't see Pryor being a target same with jefferies. Patterson makes sense because he gives us speed on special teams and can be depth at wr. Other FA that make sense is Kenny stills or Kendal wright. But I see the Bucs getting their number 2 guy in the draft.

  • Joshua Grogg says:

    I would love to see a Ross WR fall to us or a juju 2nd round pick but I don't think a 1st round WR will be there at 19 and juju will go high in 2nd round. I don't see them getting a #2 WR in the draft and they need one badly. I think they will have to buy one, Jeffries would be a mistake and I don't see any other opinion at WR. Who are you thinking about in the draft?

  • Joshua Grogg says:

    I've heard rumors that the same might be parting ways with Brandin Cooks?

  • I think Ross will be there at 19 if he turns out to be Licht's guy. Remember if it's a WR or bust draft Licht isn't afraid to move in the draft. Move out of the 1st? Up in the 2nd? Licht will get his guy. He always does.

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