Bucs Will Have Options in The Draft

Plenty of options is what I see in this upcoming draft as there is tons of talent on both sides of the ball. While most fans agree that the Bucs need to go offense in the early rounds, it doesn’t mean they can’t go defense again in round 1 as there is great talent on that side of the ball this year. I believe in getting the best player available but at the same time that player filling a team need. Bucs Gm Jason Licht has done this in his three drafts so far as he usually attacks the teams biggest need in the early rounds along with going for the safe pick.

Heading into this draft, I would identify RB, WR, TE, C, DL, S as team needs going into the off-season. The Bucs could address any of these areas in round 1 as there will be plenty of prospects that will be worthy which allows the Bucs to be selective in free agency as well as in the draft. It is going to depend on what happens in front of the Bucs selection but they should have a good group to choose from. The best news for the Bucs is that this draft is very deep at positions of need according to draft expert Daniel Jeremiah.
This draft has the deepest/most talented group of CBs I’ve seen in several years. Also, loaded with edge rushers, safeties, RBs and TEs.

— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) January 11, 2017

With that being said, The Bucs could have their choice of guys like Corey Davis, John Ross, OJ Howard, Derek Barnett, and Charles Harris. I see teams reaching for Qbs and O-line along with corners and safeties going top 15 which should push elite talent down the board. Perhaps there is a Caleb Brantley or Solomon Thomas to upgrade the interior defensive line or even better one of the top RBs in Fournette or Cook are there, either way the Bucs are in a good position. So Bucs fans don’t get locked into one position because if Gm Jason Licht does that then a reach will occur and that will be a bad choice. Instead it’s about adding the best player possible that makes sense for the team and right now this team could use more talent in most areas.

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