FA Target: WR Pierre Garcon

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the Bucs and Desean Jackson as the team is definitely looking to add more speed to the offense. The team here at realbucstalk are fans of Desean Jackson as we believe he would be a solid number two behind Mike Evans, but what about his teammate as an option. Redskins WR Pierre Garcon is also a free agent to be, and could be the veteran presence and the quality number two receiver the team is looking for. Jackson would be nice to have but could have many suitors which could make him tough to acquire plus has history of injuries.

With that being said, the Bucs could target Garcon who has put up consistent numbers throughout his career and has been very reliable as he has only missed two games over the last three seasons. Garcon will be 31 in August, but has shown no signs of slowing down as he put up 79 receptions, 1,041 yds, and 3 tds. Garcon still has enough speed too as he had a long of 70 yards and can still get behind the defense if presented the opportunity. Garcon spoke recently with the washington post about that he is not a possession WR and that he is a player that can do it all to get the job done.

“I’m a football player, not a categorized football player,” Garcon continued. “I’m not one thing. I’m not a one-trick pony. I do it all, so it’s not, ‘Hey, you’re a possession receiver.’ I can go deep, I can go short, I can break tackles, I can block, I can make plays — big plays, short plays, crucial plays. It’s what I do on the field, not what box they try to put me in, especially when I was coming out of college, saying, ‘Hey, you’re a D-III player.’ Especially when I was coming from Indy, saying, ‘Hey, you’ve never been a number one receiver.’ Especially when I led the league in catches and they’re like, ‘Hey, you just got lucky because you were on a bad team.’ ”

I have stated before that the Bucs will likely add multiple receivers this off-season as they need to rebuild the wide receiver core. Signing a player like Garcon would give the Bucs offense someone who can make other teams pay when they double Mike Evans and provide another weapon for Jameis Winston. Now Garcon is going to have competition for his services according to NFLUpdate which could make him tougher to sign.
Redskins Free Agent Pierre Garcon is expected to command $9M annually.

Redskins, Rams, Eagles, Bears, Cowboys & 49ers reportedly interested

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) February 12, 2017

The same could be said for Desean Jackson so either way I would expect the Bucs to go after one of them. Personally I feel Garcon is better fit as of now with his ability to make tough catches plus still being explosive as well. If the Bucs can land a player like Garcon, and then add young dynamic receiver via the NFL draft then all of sudden the WR core looks that much better. Only 22 days until free agency, will the Bucs make a call to Mr. Garcon? I say open up the check book and see if you can get him in red and pewter.


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