1st Edition: Real Bucs Talk Mailbag

by Douglas O’Connor
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      Here at RBT we spend a great deal of time on Twitter answering questions and talking Bucs football. Sometimes we feel that 140 characters isn’t enough to let you know exactly what we are thinking and/or saying. So we created The Mailbag. Tweet out your Buccaneers questions with the #RBTMB and get your inquires answered with the thoroughness it deserves.

     What’s the best way to handle the Mike Evans contract? Renegotiate now or wait one or possibly two more years and try to resign him then?

     Good question. I guess it comes down to what’s best for the team, long term salary wise, and what’s best for Mike. On one hand the Buccaneers would save a ton of money over the next two years if they decided to let Evans contract play out. On the other hand there is no question that Mike has out played his rookie deal and deserves a big pay raise. Plus, in the long run the sooner the Bucs sign Evans to a long term deal the cheaper he is going to be. My guess is that Evans gets his big contract this off season and here’s why.

     Mike Greenberg, Directer of Football Administration, which is a fancy word for capologist, which in turn is another fancy word for accountant, has overseen, with GM Jason Licht four long term deals. Gerald McCoy, Lavonte Davis, Doug Martin and J.R. Sweezy. With all these contracts Greenberg has front loaded the deals with all the guaranteed money so if something goes awry after two years or so i.e. serious injury, dramatic drop of in play, PED suspension, the Bucs can cut bait and have zero dead money against the cap. After the 2017 season, out of these four players only Gerald McCoy will have any guaranteed money against the cap and that amount is only $500k.

     The Bucs have the cap space this year to front load a 5 year deal for Mike. A 2017 & 2018 guaranteed contract will come of the books just in time for Licht and Greenberg to front load offers to Kwon Alexander, Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet. Now is the perfect window Evans to cash in and it makes the most sense for both parties involved. Mike gets his millions two years early and the Buccaneers get his guaranteed money off the book in time for the next wave a long term deals.

     Do you think Keith Tandy’s last five games are what we can expect next season or do you see him more as a flash in the pan?

     Hmmmmm… I had to think about this one for a bit. Finally after switching off from searching the web and staring blankly at my screen I think I came up with a pretty good answer. It might not be the right one but here is what I came up with.

     Tandy has been nothing more than a special teamer and fill in safety since he was drafted by the Bucs in 2012. The next year, 2013, he put up really solid numbers. Especially from a player with only 5 starts. 40 TOT, 3 PDEF, 3 Int, 1 FR and 1 FF. The next two seasons he was banished to the bench under Lovie Smith. But it’s hard to put much stock in Lovie’s defensive back evaluation skills, with the way his defenses were torched in the passing game. Fast forward to 2016, now under new DC Mike Smith, once Tandy hit the field his numbers only improved from 2013. 5 starts, 57 TOT, 9 PDEF, 4 INT, and 1 FR.

     It would appear that Kieth only needs a chance to prove himself and he does. I also think that it just takes longer for some players to get “it”. Finally something just clicks and the game just starts to come easier for them. Whether it was about never getting a fair shake at a starting job or he finally is playing without hesitation I can’t say for sure. I will say the he has earned the right to line up with the first defense on day one of training camp.

     Pierre Garcon or DeSean Jackson, which one would you rather the Bucs sign?

     The quick answer, neither!

     But in the spirit of the question and my promise to you as the RBT Mailbag guardian of opinions, here goes.

     I like to play a little game when I come up against a decision I’m struggling with. I pretend that my life is depending on it. The only rule is that I have to be honest with myself. The almighty power that is dangling over the bottomless abyss can see into my soul and will know if I’m lying. That way when I think about one answer and I feel safe, then that’s the right choice. If I felt the slightest bit scared or threatened, then I know I’m lying to myself and the other answer is correct.

     It’s the same thing as assigning each choice to a side of a coin and then flipping. If you are happy with the outcome then that the right choice for you. If you are disappointed then the other choice is what you should do. Get it? I hope so ’cause that the best way I can explain it.

     Now after all that it really an easy choice for me. I don’t even have to flip the coin. I like Garcon and there isn’t much to say about why. In my opinion Jackson is a one trick pony. If he didn’t have his speed he’d be a WR4 on some NFL team. Now he’s 30 and eventually his speed will disappear. It might be tomorrow, it might be in 5 years, who knows. I just don’t feel comfortable with Jackson at the WR2 for the Bucs going into the season. It’s just that simple.

     WINNER Pierre Garcon, by Default.

     Well that’s it Buc fans, our 1st Mailbag post. Hey that was fun let’s do it again, saaaay next Sunday? OK cool it’s a date!

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Thanks for Reading and as Always GO BUCS!

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