FA Target: TE Jack Doyle

Much talk has been about the Bucs need at WR and RB, but there is another position that the Bucs could use more depth and upgrades and that is TE. Now Doug (Follow @Ren_Daxt) went into this a few weeks back and talked about specific TE options for the team(Click Here). One of the options was signing UFA Jack Doyle from the Colts, who had a breakout season last year and would instantly upgrade the position.

The Bucs like to run two tight end sets as it gives the offense more flexibility and makes it harder for the defense to predict run or pass. Many times last year, the Bucs had to bring in Luke Stocker or Brandon Myers and right away most defenses knew it was a run play due to both not being a threat as a receiver. Doyle at 6-6 267lbs provides size and decent speed to be threat in the redzone and a key piece in the run game.

If the Bucs could add Doyle, it would automatically improve their offense as they can run two tight end sets with Brate in the slot which is a mismatch. The Bucs could pair Luke Stocker and Doyle as their two main blocking tight ends which would allow the Bucs to be more versatile in the run game. Allowing Brate to operate more as pass option instead of having to block will be good for the Bucs offense as it will create more balance overall.

Now there are two issues for the Bucs that could stop them from going after Doyle in free agency. One would be cost as Doyle who is only 26 could have many suitors for his services which could jack up the cost. Two is that the TE position is very deep this year in the NFL draft and the team could get someone with a similar skill set to Doyle at a much lower cost. With that being said, adding a player like Doyle makes sense for the offense and would definitely improve the running game which is needed. I think the Bucs go with drafting a tight end, but if they do go the free agent route, Jack Doyle is definitely the guy to go after. Here is D’Qwell Jackson on teammate Jack Doyle per Colts.com.

“He does all the dirty work and comes to work with his hard hat on. He’s a guy you need on every team. You get a bunch of Jack Doyle’s on your team, you’re going to be successful. You know what you’re going to get every time he steps on the field.”

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