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So far we have talked in depth about the Bucs adding to receiver position but what about the running back spot which was a strength before last season and is now a question mark. The Bucs had a lot of inconsistencies in their running game during the 2016 season as they suffered multiple injuries and could never find the right rhythm. With Jacquizz Rodgers a free agent, Doug Martin’s off-field issues, and Charles Sims a UFA in 2018, the Bucs will likely add a running back through the draft at some point. This year’s class of running backs is outstanding as there will be starters available as late as round 5 which is not common usually. There is one running back that could be a day 2 target for the Bucs and that is Toledo RB Kareem Hunt. Here some quotes from his coach Matt Campbell per

“We knew we were getting a special player from day one, and I think he’s been nothing short of that,” Campbell said. “And the day he stepped on campus he arrived with something to prove.”

“He runs the ball maybe as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone run the football,” Campbell said. “When you really sit and study him and watch his game, it’s what the really special players in college football are doing right now. He’s worth the price of admission.”

Kareem Hunt– 5-10 216lbs  1,475 yds 10 tds 41 receptions 403 yds 1 td

Strengths: Hunt runs really hard and is always keeping his legs moving which makes him hard to bring down on first contact. Very good balance of speed and power, more quick than fast but has ability to make big plays in the open field. Hunt can play all three downs as he can pass protect well and can make plays in the passing game. Outstanding vision and patience as he sets up his blockers very well. Great balance allows him to make 4 yard runs into 15 yard runs and is always getting positive yards. Doesn’t fumble as he had none during his Toledo career which is impressive.

Weaknesses: Hunt doesn’t have that homerun speed as his speed is not elite which is why he is not considered a 1st round pick. Not perfect in pass protection as he tends to lean in his chip blocks which causes inconsistency. Tends to dance at times at the hole instead of using his power to get through it. Needs to believe in his play speed more.

Overall, I think Hunt is a solid running back that can carry the load and get those tough yards that are needed in today’s game. The Bucs need to get their running game back to 2015 form and a guy like Hunt could do that for them. From sources that I have talked to the Bucs like Hunt and he could be their guy in round 3.




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