Bucs Offense Will Have Room to Operate



Big day for the Bucs especially the offense as they have added much needed speed with the signing of former Redskins WR Desean Jackson. Jackson has been a dynamic playmaker his whole career and was really good last season producing another 1000 yard season in which he led the NFL in yards per catch with 18. Even at 30 years old, Jackson still has top notch speed and hasn’t slowed up yet as he continues to produce big plays. Jackson had 4 catches of 50 yards or more last season so definitely provides big play ability and can be that explosive playmaker for them.

More importantly, now having Desean the Bucs offense is going to have more space to operate as an unit. The run and passing game are going to get better looks when he is on the field because of his speed. Opposing defenses will be forced to play more zone looks which means more cover 2 and cover 4 looks which means safeties are playing back. In other words, the Bucs will get more 7 man in the box looks which will allow the Bucs to be a more effective running team. If the Bucs can run the ball which Koetter wants to do, then that will open up the play action passing game for Jameis Winston. That’s where Winston is at his best when he can use the play action giving him and his receivers more space in the middle of the field.

Jackson should also see favorable matchups as well because they can’t double him and Mike all the time. So I would expect to see Jackson be moved around and working in the slot at times to exploit certain matchups. This offense just got way better with the addition of Desean Jackson and guys like Cameron Brate, Mike Evans, and Adam Humphries are all going to reap the benefits. His veteran presence, swagger, and playmaking ability will help the Bucs take a big step towards that next level.

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