“I Have Never Had a Mike Evans Before”


This past Saturday the Bucs welcome their two big free agent signings in WR Desean Jackson, and DT Chris Baker to Tampa. Both were introduced to Tampa Bay and spoke with the local media on what they will bring to this team. Let’s focus on Desean Jackson as he is the explosive playmaker this team desperately needed and is the perfect fit for this offense. For the Bucs to be able to get him in free agency is rare which is what  Bucs Gm Jason Licht said after signing Jackson per pewterreport.com.

“It is rare to find a player in free agency with the combination of speed and natural playmaking ability of a DeSean Jackson. DeSean is a smart, gifted athlete who has averaged more than 17 yards per reception throughout his nine-year career and brings the type of veteran experience and deep threat receiving ability that will have an immediate impact on our offense.”

Licht is right as it is very hard to find impact players like Desean Jackson hitting the open market but just like last year with Robert Ayers and Brent Grimes, the Bucs get a high level talent in Jackson this off-season. Now the Bucs have a legit threat next to the Bucs top receiver in Mike Evans who is only 23 and has put up three consecutive 1000 yard seasons. Now with an electric player like Desean next to him, the sky is the limit for this offense as it will put tons of stress on the opposing defense. Both will help each other as it could be a big year for both, possibly a career year for Desean as he really hasn’t played with a player like Mike Evans before. Desean talked about this during his press conference on Saturday per Buccaneers.com.

    As far as receivers I’ve played with in the past, I feel like I’ve played with some pretty good receivers. Jeremy Maclin for five, six years when I was in Philly, Pierre Garcon is definitely a physical, durable receiver. I give them guys credit, they’ve done some great things. Fast forward now, Mike Evans. I don’t think I’ve ever played with a Mike Evans. I’m just intrigued man, to go out on the field, to have a quarterback like Jameis (Winston) that wants to throw deep. To have another guy like Mike on the other side, he’s what, 6’5”? I’m 5’10”. You’ve got a big guy who’s kind of fast, you’ve got a smaller guy that’s very fast. This guy right here, (points to Koetter) I know he’s licking his chops to get it going. I am too, though.”

It’s a power speed combo that the Bucs have now in Mike Evans and Desean Jackson. Evans can make plays anywhere on the field as can Desean so it is going to be very interesting to see how coach Koetter utilizes their abilities. Desean has been a number one WR for his whole career as he made Jeremy Maclin and Pierre Garcon into who they are which are very good number two’s. Now the Bucs are paring Jackson with a elite number one WR in Mike Evans who hasn’t even his is ceiling yet which is kinda scary. One thing is for sure, the Bucs offense is going to be fun to watch with the duo of Evans and Jackson working together.

The Bucs will be able to attack all three levels of the field and finally will have a diverse and versatile passing attack. The hot topic has been Desean is going to make Jameis better which he will, but the bigger topic is that Mike Evans is going to make Desean better which is great news for the Bucs offense. Evans will be able to draw defenders away from Jackson which will give Jackson more one on one matchups which is bad news for opposing defenses. More importantly, Jackson will have space to use his speed to create big plays down the field which will make the Bucs offense more effective in 2017. It is a great time to be a Bucs fan as we could see something very special this year on offense.

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