Bucs Trade Back into Rd 3 to Select LSU LB


To be honest, I think Jason Licht blew it last night as I believe he reached for two picks in Justin Evans and then trading back up into the third round for LSU LB Kendell Beckwith. Beckwith is coming off a ACL injury and is just a two down player due to limited athleticism so trading up for him was a mistake in my opinion. Then again Licht traded up for a kicker last year, so I shouldn’t be surprise but just thought Licht would learn from that mistake. Both Evans and Beckwith have just too many holes in their game and are limited as players which you shouldn’t be selecting with your premium picks. Beckwith is a solid tackler and can hit with power, but struggles in coverage due to limited speed and agility.

I understand that the Bucs will be putting him at the Sam position in which they ask them to play only two downs which fits Beckwith perfectly but I don’t see the value in the third round. Hope I am wrong and it works out as I just don’t see it right now. Going to trust Licht because he has done a great job of building this roster and acquiring depth which this pick is and the Bucs did need more depth at LB.

Love the physical play by Beckwith and Mike Smith does want to get bigger up front as he has added Chris Baker and now Beckwith which makes them better against the run. Plus most are saying that Beckwith would have been gone if not for the injury, so that makes me feel better and if Kwon likes it then that has to mean something.


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