The Buccaneers Draft Picks Through the First 2 Days of the Draft


The Buccaneers picks after the first two days are first a surprise slide bringing a gift, then a pick of needed position, then another weapon for Winston, and finally an interesting trade up back into the 3rd round.  The first 2 days were very good for the team so lets see how they fit.

19th Pick – OJ Howard, Tight End, Alabama.
The Buccaneers get an absolute steal when Howard slide all the way down to them at 19 and couldn’t pass him up. Being a huge weapon for Winston at 6’5¾” 251 pounds with the speed of a lot of wide receivers running a 4.51 forty at the combine. A very good pass catching tight end who only dropped 3 passes his entire college career can play on the line, in the slot, or even on the end. He is a prototypical “Y” tight end who is also a very good blocker who can block on the line and further down the field leading the way for the ball carrier. He was not used to his elite abilities at Alabama but did win the MVP in the 2015 Championship game win against Clemson. An all around tight end who has the size and attribute to be comparable to a Julius Thomas or Rob Gronkowski. Great value pick for the Bucs.

50th Pick – Justin Evans, Safety, Texas A&M.
After Howard fell in their lap in the 1st round the Buccaneers drafted more of a position of need in the 2nd round taking safety Justin Evans. Who will play more of a center fielder in the secondary with his speed and abilities and will thump receivers and ball carries to potentially cause turnovers. Also has done some returns while in college and could possibly compete for the Buccaneers kick or punt return duties before he become hopefully a full time free safety starter for the Bucs. He should compete for starting free safety almost immediately and could win the job right out of the gate.

84th Pick – Chris Godwin, Wide Receiver, Penn St.
In the 3rd round the Buccaneers drafted a wide receiver even after getting D-Jack in free agency taking Godwin, who could push Humphrey out of the slot position or be a backup to D-Jack as number 2 and maybe even compete for punt and kick returner duties. He has good size at 6’1” at 209 pound and also runs a 4.42 forty being a 2 year starter at Penn St having a breakout 2015 season but then had a little down year last season although he did catch 11 touchdowns. Another weapon for Winston who could be either a slot receiver or an eventual replacement for D-Jack as a number 2 receiver.

107th Pick – Kendell Beckwith, Linebacker, LSU.
The Buccaneers then chose to trade 4th and 6th round picks in this years draft to trade with the Jets for the last pick in the 3rd round and selected a linebacker who will most likely compete for their Sam linebacker position. Which was kind of a shock for me I figured if they were going to trade back into the 3rd round it would be for a position with more need such as running back, cornerback, or even defensive end. Beckwith played mainly middle linebacker for LSU but tore his ACL in a November game against Florida, but still was invited to the senior bowl but obviously could not attend due to his knee injury. A 3 year starter at LSU who is mainly know as a run stuffing heavy hitter linebacker who was not very good on passing downs.

I am very happy with the 1st round pick obviously and the 2nd pick was a position of need and will bring competition to the safety position and I like the Godwin pick giving more weapons for Winston. I am not sure on trading our 4th and 6th round picks to trade back up for a Sam linebacker who might only play 60% of the defensive snaps, but the Bucs would like him to compete with last years 6th round pick Bond for the Sam linebacker position. Kind of concerned they have not taken a running back yet which most including myself have deemed as a position of need, but now with no 4th or 6th rounder not sure how much impact you are going to get out of a running back. So I will “Trust in Licht” and know that he is doing what right for the team…… FIRE THEM CANNONS!!!!

How about you guys what does everyone think of the Round 1-3 picks so far?

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