Chris Godwin Gives Bucs Offense Mismatches


There is always that one draft pick that quickly becomes a fan favorite and for the Bucs that player is 3rd round pick Chris Godwin. Godwin is 6’1 209lbs with 4.4 speed and can make plays downfield as well as come down with the contested catches. So far Godwin has done everything right during OTA practices and has come in everyday ready to play and is well prepared. Like most Bucs fans I feel the Bucs got a steal in Godwin who had solid production at Penn State and did a lot with average to below average QB play. Now Godwin is added to an offense that has quite the arsenal and gets to play with a QB that is heading towards an elite level. During his career at Penn State he mainly played on the outside as only 13% of his snaps were from the slot position and I wouldn’t expect that to change much with the Bucs. Expect the Bucs to keep him on the outside where he can make plays like this via

Godwin will probably learn all the receiver positions(X,Z,Slot) but expect him to play exclusively on the outside mainly as the X or Z spot. I hear a lot of Bucs fans saying he is going to take over the slot position replacing Adam Humphries but not so fast as Humphries is special in the slot and expect him to stay there. I think Godwin’s role will be to play on the outside and perhaps some slot as part of 4 wr sets to help Mike Evans and Desean Jackson stay fresh throughout the season.

The best part about Godwin is his ability to get downfield and make big plays which he did consistently at Penn State. Not only is he a solid playmaking receiver but he is one of the better run blocking receivers from this draft class which shows he cares about being an well rounded player. Godwin allows the Bucs to create more mismatches on offense by being able to move Evans or Jackson into the slot position or single them up in bunch formations.

Just imagine a bunch formation consisting of Godwin, Evans, Jackson and either Brate or Howard lined up on the other side, now tell me how a defense is supposed to defend that. In addition it’s a formation you can run the football out of as well due to Godwin’s ability to block downfield. Godwin is off to a fast start and expect him to be a big part of the offense success this year but from a position of familiarity which is the outside. Being able to put Evans or Jackson into the slot creates so many mismatches not only for them but for Chris Godwin and others. Evans can win the middle of the field when in the slot as Jackson can win deep especially if lined up against a safety or nickel corner. If opposing defenses have to deal with Evans or Jackson in the slot that will just open up things for Godwin and company to take advantage of. With Godwin’s ability to win on the outside, it’s only a matter of time before we see him making his fair share of big plays for this team.




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