Talent Level Balanced on Both Sides Finally?


Dating back to 1976 when the Bucs entered the league, this franchise has always been known for having a very talented defensive roster. Especially during the late 90’s early 2000’s, when the Bucs were winning consistently because of their star power led defense which led them to a superbowl win in 2002. Usually when people talk about the Buccaneers, the first thing that is mention is defense and how dominant it was for over a decade. As for the rest of the roster it was hardly mentioned as the talent level was never close to what the defensive unit was putting out there each Sunday. The Bucs have always had star players on the defensive side of the ball and rarely any on offense leaving the roster for many years unbalanced.

This is why Tony Dungy struggled to win in the playoffs as he refused to focus on the offensive side of the ball which ultimately led to his firing. Insert Jon Gruden who brought instant accountability to that side of the ball plus Rich Mckay had one of the best off-seasons as he added 26 free agents mainly on the offensive side of the ball. The Bucs won the super bowl that year as they were all in, but after that it fell apart due to poor drafting and lack of stability. Let’s fast forward to the present as current Gm Jason Licht has done a tremendous job by transforming a roster that was below average for a long time.

With great drafting along with signing key free agents, this 2017 roster might be the most balanced roster the Bucs have had in franchise history. Both sides of the ball have star power, depth and experience which is very exciting for this season and seasons to come. The Bucs have firepower on offense as they have speed, power, and ability with guys like Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, Cameron Brate and Desean Jackson. Then on defense with Gerald McCoy, Kwon Alexander, and Lavonte David leading the way this roster has playmakers on both sides making this team a dangerous one.

Jason Licht and his staff have done an outstanding job to make this roster pretty complete in regards to both sides of the ball especially up front in the trenches. Bringing in free agents like Chris Baker, Robert McClain, Nick Folk, Jj Wilcox all of whom have experience and are solid players which helps makes this team deeper creating better overall depth. Licht has created competition at every spot which should make everyone better as iron sharpens iron. The point is this is probably the most balanced roster we have had in quite some time, and I truly believe the days of losing are finally over for this franchise going forward. Now will a more balanced roster lead to more wins in 2017 who knows, what do you guys think? Is the roster finally balanced in regards to talent level on both side of the ball?

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